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Bryce Robinson | The Birdsell Project

Bryce Robinson

All complex structures are the residue of countless (often unthinking) individual interactions. Each element within a given system influences its neighbor and is itself influenced in the same way. In the right conditions these simple interactions may give rise to complex systems. Tectonic movement, the swarming of animals, the rise of governments, the fall of economies. The Hive Within is an aesthetic and architectural exploration of such emergent behavior. Through the artist’s countless individual decisions and material interactions this complex system of steel, glass, power and light has emerged. Taking root 15 feet below, this organism now extends far beyond it’s footing, soaring 22 feet tall and reaching wide into the cavernous space.

Perforated steel strut, laboratory glass, steel brackets, hardware, rubber gaskets, plastic ties, reclaimed broadcasting equipment, enamel, power & light


Bryce Olen Robinson is from Ferguson, Missouri. He holds a Bachelors of Fine Art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as a Masters of Fine Art from Washington University in St. Louis. Bryce employs a broad array of strategies and materials to create his artwork, including large-scale sculpture, installation, performance, and public practice. Bryce Olen Robinson is currently Visiting Professor of Sculpture in the Department of Art, Art History & Design at the University of Notre Dame.

The Hive Within