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Margaret Halquist | The Birdsell Project

Margaret Halquist

The space was toppling over with pipes, water, cords, pulsing noises of fans and exhausts, and some mildly dangerous mold. Even with this much material the 20 ft. ceilings and broken walls allowed much more to be missing. The absence felt like a woman but I never decided if that woman was myself. The figure of the woman disappears, not into nothingness but into a violent disfiguration and an undoing that displaces her as object to idea to object.

Using processes of unknowing and forgetting I shaped an environment that actively neglects prior existence and function of the space. Feminine features associated with loss and debt take on disassociated shapes and materials are alien to the cold hard edges, ripped wires, and rusted beams. The objects in this space represent an unbecoming, a breakdown in identity and integrity, a product of failed masculinity. Demonstrating the feminine subject as something abstract and fluid, the sculptures are rigid and fragile, structured and exhausted fit into and displaced in a highly singular gendered environment.

polyester, vents, dye, paper, glue, hose, paint, carpet, chicken wire, plaster, binds, fabric, extension cord, electrical tape, lights, string


Margaret Halquist is a visual artist residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2015, she earned BFA at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design focusing in sculpture, installation, drawing, and video.

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