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Nalani Stolz 2015 | The Birdsell Project

Nalani Stolz 2015

This cavern stands empty, filled with rusted shadows of the past. Veils hug the forms that lie beneath, their shapes twisting just below the surface. Like our memories, this world becomes hidden and fantastical.

The light causes the curtains to blend into the back, highlighting the seams and imperfections of each stretched piece of fabric.

This place stands somewhere between industry and nature. Calcium transforms concrete rooms into caves. Underground railways are consumed by mud and sand. Deep, clear pools stand next to pipes and pillars.

I use light and cloth to change what was here. The process of putting up cheesecloth is one that slowly seals off each space from the artist and viewer, mimicking the way we are restricted from our memories. These curtains hover between the viewer and the details, transforming the caverns into flat pictures of what was. A world that is visible, but just out of our reach.



Nalani Stolz was born and raised in South Bend, IN. She graduated from Whitman College with a BA in Sculpture. Nalani is a Co-Founder of The Birdsell Project.