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Nalani Stolz | The Birdsell Project

Nalani Stolz

Empty spaces and furniture leave behind stories. They speak of the people that once loved and occupied them.

Years of history transform the wall into a map of colors and textures. Layers of paint are stripped away to reveal what lies beneath. Water runs down the wall, leaving drips of burnt sienna and black.

With my brush I follow patterns and textures on the wall. The process is both one of intention and one of chance. I paint an area crisp white, but cannot control the water that runs in, staining new paint black. I apply a bright blue line across the peeling paint. Some of it stays, while other pieces crumble away under my touch.

I wear away at a chair like the wind wears down the trunk of a bristlecone pine. Like the weathered walls of this bedroom, the chair becomes broken pieces of what once was.

This installation is a response to what already existed in this space. It offers a chance to slow down and become intimately acquainted with the textures of the wood and walls. Learning to value the decaying pieces that make up our stories and lives.