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Summer 2018 Location Description | The Birdsell Project

Summer 2018 Location Description


Vested Interest is a century-old production facility open to emerging and established local businesses leveraging a new era of ‘Made in South Bend.’

Listed below are the areas of Vested Interest that will be available for the 2018 Summer Residency as installation spaces:



The Chandelier room is square with a low ceiling and two small windows. A large clothes hanging structure dominates the room, with a square stepping stage rising from the ground beneath the center of the structure. Wall openings include two factory fire doors and one exterior garage door.


The Corridor is a long space connecting all of the other spaces, this space could accommodate multiple installation spaces. Large windows, thin structural poles, and long ceiling pipes characterize the corridor. The Corridor has multiple entrances to other interior spaces and multiple exits to the courtyard.


Four large, empty water tanks in a corner create this installation space. This is the highest ceiling in the building. The Tanks are surrounded by a variety of industrial features including yellow/red guard rails, large power boxes, and pipes.


The Cage is a space situated between the courtyard and the corridor. One wall is enclosed with an interior chain link fence. An industrial pipe feature hangs down in the space, and two small barred windows let light in.


The Slope is a space at the opposite end of the corridor from The Chandelier room. This space is characterized by a low ceiling and an abundance of metal structures hanging from the ceiling. Adding interest is the remnants of a hanging conveyor system (middle photo below). This space is dimly lit with minimal natural light, ideal for installations requiring specific and intentional lighting.


The Loft is an upstairs space reached by the metal staircase seen in The Courtyard photos. High ceilings, traditional factory windows, and wood floors/ceilings characterize the space. One wall of natural light and hanging fluorescent bulbs offer a variation in lighting setups for installations.


The Endcap is an open industrial space. Artifical light creates a bright space, but there are zero windows, making this an ideal space for installations requiring either bright articial light or intentional installation lighting.


The Courtyard is an exterior space in the middle of the u-shaped building. It has features of a classic factory building: arched windows, brick facades, and an old metal staircase rising against The Kitchen’s exterior wall.