Summer 2016 Location Description

The Commerce Center

Listed below are the areas of the Commerce Center Basement that will be available for the 2016 Summer Residency as installation spaces.

Locker Rooms

This section of the basement used to be the men’s and women’s locker rooms for the East Bank Club. The locker rooms have a jacuzzi (picture #1), a sauna area, a shower (picture #2), bathroom stalls, a wood-paneled hallway (picture #3), a hall lined with lockers, and a large open entrance space with a wall-sized mirror and benches (picture #4).


The Swimming Pool

The pool room of the old East Bank Club is a long narrow space that has an empty hot tub and pool with low ceilings. The back wall currently has a faded 1980s tropical print.

 The-Pool-1 The-Pool-2

The Dungeon

This space is a long hallway (picture #1) lined on one side by 6 small circular rooms (picture #2). The walls and circular rooms are cement and there are exposed beams running across the ceiling of the room.

The-Dungeon-1 The-Dungeon-2

The Cavern

A long narrow chamber with standing water. Four rectangular rooms connect to the main chamber. These spaces house calcified and rusted relics from the power plants, as well as deep, clear pools of standing water.


The Pit Area

The pit area is the largest open space, has an industrial feel, and houses multiple, unique subsections.

The Entry

The entry to the pit area includes a shallow trench alongside a large structural wall. Opposite the wall are a series of pillars and functional ac units that cannot be moved.


The Pit

The Pit is blocked off by a ~4ft chain link fence and any work inside must be viewed through this feature. The pit itself is quite deep, has pipework along the walls, and could be an incredible space for large work.



The Pipe Structure

In order to get into the pipe structure room, viewers must walk down a set of stairs into a separate large room. There is a large structure in the center of the room with a fair amount of shallow standing water.
The-Pipe-Structure-room-(side-stair) The-Pipe-Structure-Room-1 The-Pipe-Structure-Room-2

The Arches

The arches consist of multiple arched doorways that sit 4-5ft. above the floor. The arches each lead to a raised cement area. The arches sit in a row and can be viewed through one another.

The-Arches-1The-Arches-2 The-Arches-3

The Corner

This area sits in the corner of the main room. The doorway sits 5 ft. above the floor and leads to a raised area. The corner also has orange and grey exposed support beams that run through it.


The Tunnel

Unique central structure that may act as a passage between spaces in the pit area.


The Steps

There are a series of levels recessing into this side of the space.

The Wall

This wall is made of cement and stone. There are several openings to the neighboring room that can be utilized. It shares a corner with the pipes.


The Pipes

This area has two large pipes which are each 3-4 ft. in diameter. The pipes can be climbed into, but each is blocked off within a few feet.

The-Pipes-2 The-Pipes-1